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Steps to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle!

“Be healthy”. You hear it all the time like some sacred mantra that all at once fills you with inspiration and strikes you with guilt. You may also hear, “Eat well,” “Do exercise.” You also may wonder just what any of those phrases even mean.


Honestly, sometimes people repeat these phrases as if they have some magical ability to tone your muscles, clear your skin, clear your arteries, and whiten your teeth. NO!


Healthy means different things for different people, and not just that, the way certain products, habits, and practices affect each person’s body can vary dramatically. There is no catchall “Be healthy”.


The point is that healthy is body-dependent. Every person’s body needs slightly different combinations of things to be healthy. No matter that your perception is though, nutrition is at the base of health.


There are many benefits to being healthy. Living longer is just one of the main reasons to adopt a healthier lifestyle. When we adopt a healthier lifestyle our outward self reflects this positive change, whether that be through better skin, lower body fat percentage or our overall glow.


There are a few simple steps that you should take on the road to figuring out what healthy means for you. This is how That Tea breaks them down.



Step 1. You Are What You Eat

You may have already noticed, but there are loads of empty sentences that we just do not like. “You are what you eat” is one of them. However, there is a small grain of truth in it. We should all be aware of the impact of what we eat on our bodies.


The first step is to take note of what you eat fairly consistently and of what’s usually in your fridge and in your pantry. I literally mean take note. We should be intimately familiar with the food we are consuming, that way we can decide what foods to add, swap, or eliminate.


The reason we should even go through the trouble of cataloguing our food, researching it, and making decision about it is simple: We can only be healthy if our food is nutritious.


Foods in the supermarket that are labeled “non-fat,” “all natural,” or “refined,” are suspect. Those are glib words created by large food companies to mask the reality that their foods just aren’t what your body wants.


So, the goal is to determine the nutrition you are getting from your food. This doesn’t merely boil down to calories, fat, and sugar. Our bodies need those things, but in measured doses and of certain kinds.


What our bodies really need are vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and many other nutrients. These are the basic elements of a healthy body, and seeking them out on a daily basis is the key to a healthy lifestyle.


The surefire way to accomplish this without driving yourself crazy making lists, reading labels, and Googling is to find foods that are naturally jam packed with nutrients.


Teas, for example, are full of nutritious components that are easily absorbed by the body and taste delicious. That Tea strives to make living a healthy lifestyle simple by sheer convenience. Some of our teas are full of vitamins, minerals, riboflavins, and antioxidants that help you stay youthful and healthy.


That Energy Tea is one such jam packed, tea. It has a powerful combination of ginseng, licorice, oolong and green tea, and red dates. Each ingredient was handpicked and selected because of a different benefit that it provides. When taken together, their combined nutritious benefits make you feel energized and awake.


That’s what you should feel after your meals, and if you manage to create healthy eating habits, it will be how you come to define a healthy lifestyle.


Step 2. Eat Your Veggies

One of the most important food groups is fruits and vegetables. Those are foods that are full of nutritious components. Once you have your detailed list, you can mix and match based on your access to different kinds of fruits and vegetables.


For example, you can take your list of daily foods and swap out a not so nutritious item for a more nutritious item. That is a stepping-stone, but an important one. By making that decision, you could significantly alter your daily nutrient intake for the day.


Even if you decide not to swap out a food because it is just too tempting, adding a nutritious item can still make a difference. Overtime, the aim should be to either drastically reduce or completely eliminate foods that lack worthwhile nutrition.


A lot of times, people who want to feel healthy don’t know how to go about it. By making a plan to expose yourself to certain kinds of fruits and vegetables throughout your day, you will create habits through exposure. Again, this doesn’t need to happen from one day to the other, it can happen in small increments over long periods of time.


The interesting thing about this is that as you start to add, swap, or eliminate, you will notice a difference in the way you feel. Some people notice that their energy levels go up, other people notice that they feel less sluggish, other people notice that their skin starts to clear up. The benefits depend on your body. That Tea created That Detox Tea to help you aid that process.


If you pair That Detox Tea with incremental changes to your eating habits, your body will respond noticeably and that’ll help reinforce your efforts. That’s because there is constant communication between mind and body: If your body feels good, your mind tends to follow suit.


Making these step-by-step changes doesn’t mean that you will stop thinking that chips are delicious, but you may not be completely averse to the idea of eating an apple rather than chips. It seems minimal, but the exposure and the body feedback can make a big difference. The goal here is long-lasting change.

 Step 3. The Best Laid Plans

The previous two steps pave a path toward making plans that you can stick to. Small goals can lead to long-term changes, and those are preferable. Do not glorify the cold turkey approach. Change has to happen on multiple levels and for it to endure, taking the long-road can be much better.


Once you have made decisions about your daily eating habits and succeeded in holding yourself accountable to them, you can start to make small changes in other areas of your life.


By step 3, you have already started changing your daily eating habits. That may have already taken you into the home. If you are like most working Americans who mostly eat outside of the home, then it hasn’t.


The add, swap, or eliminate approach to eating more nutritious foods and living a healthy lifestyle is weak against self-sabotage. What does that mean? I will tell you.


Buying Pringles, cookies, soda, pancakes and a few apples to have at home is self-sabotage. When you are ready, you should aim to reduce your access to the foods you decided are not nutritious, and ease your access to the foods that you decided are nutritious.


Your food cart doesn’t have to be free of all sugary, colorful, and high in calorie foods, but it should be balanced. Balance also has a lot to do with moderation. This is what I mean.


If you buy soda, and you drink it at home, make sure to also drink water and drink tea, such as That Night Tea, which is great for falling asleep and waking up refreshed. This is moderation.


If you buy chips, make sure to also get some easy to snack on vegetables, like carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, and romaine lettuce. This is balance.


If you buy chocolate, don’t eat the whole bar at once, eat a square a night and perhaps pair it with a banana or strawberries. This is balance and moderation.


The concept is simple, but success is hard won. Some foods are so irresistible! This is why planning ahead is a great way to avoid self-sabotage. By limiting your access to food with low nutritious value and increasing your access to foods with high nutritious value, you can change your food ways.


Remember: Start Small

Remember the importance of small steps. A single drop can carve through a mountain. Small changes can amount to big wins.


Make a plan, listen to your body, look for foods chock-full of high nutritious value, and make sure to arm yourself with foods and drinks that give your body the ingredients it needs to function properly and happily.


Healthy is about nutrition. Living a healthy lifestyle is about planning. A person can be healthy if they think ahead about what they eat and when they eat it.



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